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96 Hours After Gosuranemab Resumed

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Veteran Don Sladek standing in a tall snowy tree stand in the Northern woods of Minnesota.

On October 12, 2020, within 96 hours of Don's first resumed infusion, Gosuranemab was like adding jet fuel to his body.  Our grandsons recorded all the strength and agility tests I requested.

In August 2020, Don could not do one jumping jack or a push-up.  Now, he could immediately do eight jumping jacks and five push-ups!  In addition, he could balance on his right foot for 4 seconds and his left for six seconds.

Also, on this same day, Don was cutting firewood by swinging an axe over his head!  He spent additional time walking on a variety of terrains. It was as if his body craved movement again.

(Please see the bottom of the page for our YouTube Channel videos.)

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