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About Biogen

Don Sladek's journey with CBS and his improvement with Gosuranemab

Caring deeply.
Working fearlessly.
Changing lives.

Biogen is a multinational biotechnology company specializing in discovering, developing, and implementing therapies for treating neurological diseases in patients worldwide.

They trade as NASDAQ:  BIIB

Chris Henderson, Ph.D., Head of Research at Biogen, believes it is realistic to think success in understanding some areas of neurology could be applied to others.  He states, "It's about experience both in research but also in developing treatments.  When you've done this multiple times for a number of diseases, you are able to carry that knowledge forward and start connecting the dots," he continues with, "we believe our greatest chance of success lies in exploiting synergistic overlap between we have learned about disease mechanisms and therapeutic strategies in Disease A and applying it, where appropriate to related Disease B."

Dr. Henderson also talks about collaboration to true innovation.  He states, "No one can do this work alone.  You can have all the internal know-how in the world, but you still need to have external collaborators to make real progress in neuroscience."

Biogen says its "mission is to discover, develop and deliver innovative therapies that improve the lives of patients, healthy volunteers, families, hospitals, and clinics that participate in the clinical trials for testing our potential therapies.  Each individual's participation contributes enormously to our understanding of disease and has the potential to benefit patients around the world."

Biogen needs courageous people to volunteer for their clinical trials, willing to take the risk. These volunteers are the lifeblood of pharmaceutical companies; without them, returns on investment would be substantially less.

Biogen has the perfect opportunity to see how their drug, Gosuranemab, is working in Don and the ability to save his life potentially.  They need to be willing to look at the data from an ethical standpoint and as scientists.  The drug made a difference, and Don must have access to this drug to save his life.

If their mission statement is true, access to the medication that has made a remarkable, well-documented improvement in Don's health should be allowed.

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