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How to Help

Don Sladek's journey with CBS and his improvement with Gosuranemab

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     Helping one person might not change the world,

but it might change the world for one person.  - Anonymous

We desperately need your help in the following ways (all options are quick and easy):

1. Sign Our Petition

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Petition for Gosuranemab as Treatment under the PACT-Act, Title V
Are you a veteran
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Thank you for signing our petition!

2. Contact Politicians

We ask that you contact your politicians.  Emails are important, but phone calls seem to carry a greater emphasis.  We ask that you write a letter from the heart, but if you are at a loss for words, the attached link below is a form letter that can be used.

If you are a veteran, please add your military background to all correspondence and mention it all on phone calls.


#1 Click "Letter" To Copy and Paste Letter

Political offices have a "contact" form on their website that you can fill out.  Enter your name and information on their form.  Paste the linked message into the "comments" section.

3. Extra Credit - Additional Contacts

Email letters to the following:

Biogen Patient Center  

Med Info at Biogen

4. Share with Others

  • Share our website with your contacts, groups, and organizations, including those outside of the United States.

  • If applicable, please email your contacts and let them know how important Don's situation is and that time is of the essence.

5.  Share, Like, and Follow us on Social Media

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  • TikTok

6.  Use These Hashtags

Currently, on social media, there are discussions taking place on the topics of Veterans, the PACT-act, Agent Orange, Vietnam Era Veterans, concussive injuries with veterans and athletes, and Biogen.  Please respond to comments, tweets, posts, and threads using these hashtags:

#PACTAct                                  #VietnamEra                          #AgentOrange

#Veterans                                 #VAHealth                              #BIIB092  

#Biogen                                    #Gosuranemab

#CorticobasalSyndrome        #Treatment4Don                  #CBS                                                                                        


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