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Treating Corticobasal Syndrome (CBS) is the story of Don Sladek and his journey.

Don's Story


I’m Chavonne Sladek, and I’m Don Sladek’s wife. Don is a Vietnam Era Veteran who was stationed in Southeast Asia and proudly served his country. We are not scientists or doctors; we are just regular people dealing with a terminal neurodegenerative disease called Corticobasal Syndrome (CBS). We are usually a private couple, but we are now compelled to share our unique story. It involves overcoming obstacles that effects all patients who has to go through the pharmaceutial industry to try and save their lives. 

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We are not scientists, doctors, or medical experts; we are just regular people addressing issues that all patients have to face. Any treatments or personal decisions should ALWAYS be discussed with your physican. want to represent the voice of patients to scientists, doctors, politicians, and companies. There needs to be more consideration of patients in the process of medical developments. We want them to Listen 2 Patients.

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Our Goals

Inclusion of CBS Patients

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A Cure for CBS Patients

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Effective Clinical Trials

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Compassionate Use Considerations

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Post Trial

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Accurate  Biomarkers

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Learn About Corticobasal Syndrome (CBS)

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Guides for CBS Patients & Caregivers

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CBS Community for Patients & Caregivers

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CBS Related Organizations & Non-Profits

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for CBS

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Messages to Visitors

A Message to Patients of diseases

A Message to Caretakers 

A Message to Families of Patients

A Message to Pharmaceutical Companies

A Message to Non-Profits & Organizations

A Message to the Media and News Outlets

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