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Beginning of Infusions 2019

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Veteran Don Sladek balancing on a cane  in front of the Clinical Research Unit at the University of California, San Francisco

Don values science and research. He volunteered in a Phase I clinical trial with Biogen’s drug BIIB092, Gosuranemab. Phase I is a trial for safety only. He hoped that this trial would lead to a cure for future generations.  My prayer was that it wouldn’t kill him before his time.


Hours after his first infusion, our Uber driver dropped us off and handed him his backpack. He released it before Don had a hold of it, and Don scooped it up mid-air. This catch was remarkable! That night, Don broke into a spontaneous “floss” dance, full of joy in movement, a dance I had him replicate in the hotel room.  


After each infusion, Don accumulated another aspect of his former self.  We had started a new journey.​

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