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Diagnosed with CBS 2015

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Veteran Don Sladek stading in front of a Christmas Tree while using a cane.  His wife, Chavonne Sladek is to the left.  Granddaughter, Gracie Sladek is in the front.

There are lots of fancy words to describe CBS, but none do it justice. I know every inch of Don's muscles, but these new muscles were foreign. They were like the thickest rope you've ever felt, twisting and knotting itself up. Arms that used to hold me so confidently became appendages of torture for him. First, he couldn't control the twitching and dropped most things, and then once he had a hold of an item, his balance was so poor he couldn't walk with it.


Sequencing and prioritizing tasks were an act of frustration. We were fortunate to have a speech pathologist and physician that helped tremendously. But unfortunately, life became a roller coaster of improvement and descent to more loss.

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