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2022  The PACT-Act

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Vietnam Era Veteran Don Sladek with his granddaughter, Cadet Corps Company Commander Gracie Sladek at the Bakersfield National Cemetery. with the Wreathes Across America.  She is holding a wreath.  In the background are rows of headstones with a wreath sitting in front.

August 2022 - With a large bipartisan majority, Congress passed, and the president signed the PACT-Act, a new law that expands VA health care and benefits to veterans exposed to toxic substances. Title V, provides funding for research.

Veterans live by the tenant, "Until they are home, no man left behind."  We believe this applies to the health of our surviving veterans.

Gosuranemab is an important component in the care plan for Parkinsonisms and has demonstrated some success.  We believe this may also have value for treatment and protection with other tauopathies.

We implore the VA and Biogen to "Act" now by starting production of, and clinical trials with Gosuranemab.

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