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Single Patient Expanded Use 2020

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Veteran Don Sladek in a hospital infusion chair with Dr. Yvette Bordelon on the back right.  Two other employees are standing behind Don wearing blue face masks.

October 8, 2020 - After ten months without Gosuranemab, Don's infusions were resumed.  I've said a million times that I do not want to be on this Corticobasal Syndrome journey, but if we have to be on it, there is no one I trust more than Dr. Yvette Bordelon.  


Don is a man of great faith and has a positive attitude.  He was hopeful the medication would work again.  On the other hand, I was worried he had gone too long without the medication.  I was anxious beyond belief, but Don wanted to go to Minnesota and spend time with his male relatives at their cabin in the northern woods.  We had no expectations of a quick improvement.

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